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South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright Endorses Ron Paul

South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright Endorses Ron Paul

Columbia, SC – SC Senator Lee Bright stood with Senators Tom Davis, Danny Verdin and Kevin Bryant this morning as they threw their support behind Ron Paul for president.

“Ron Paul is a true conservative, and a champion for sound fiscal policy as well as protecting the American family,” said Bright. “Dr. Paul is just what the doctor ordered: a strong social conservative who believes life begins at conception and the institution of marriage exists only between one man and one woman.”

“Like United States Senator Jim DeMint I know that, because of the seriousness of our financial situation, the nation needs to pay attention to what Dr. Paul has to offer,” added Bright.

“As a common sense conservative, Rep. Paul is the only candidate conservatives can have confidence in to bring real reform. Dr. Paul is just what the doctor ordered.”

To learn more about Senator Bright please visit www.leebrightsc.com.

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7 Responses to South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright Endorses Ron Paul

  1. Debbie Pizzati says:

    thank you for supporting Ron paul!

  2. Jason Azuras says:

    From California. I thank you for your support and being a true patriot and doing a great service to our GREAT NATION!!!!!

  3. Dwayne Hancock says:

    Thank you for endorcing Dr.Paul,he is only candidate that is for balancing the budget,cant be bought,ending forein nation building/policing the world,and the only candidate that stands up for our constitutional rights….Thank You!!!

  4. Katharine M says:

    Thank you for your endorsement of Ron Paul. He really is the only candidate with a real plan to fix our dismal economic situation.

  5. Lui says:

    Thank you for supporting Dr. Paul!!

  6. Brenda Thomas says:

    Thank you Senator, for supporting Dr. Ron Paul.

  7. Dan Vick says:

    Thank you sir for your suport of Ron Paul 2012 our last chance.

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