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Protecting Our Second Amendment Liberties

As you may already know, I recently filed legislation that intends to exempt pistols and rifles made in South Carolina from federal regulation as long as they stay in-state. As The State newspaper noted, “The Firearms Freedom Act, pre-filed earlier this month by state Sen. Lee Bright, would mean that firearms, ammunition and gun accessories made in South Carolina aren’t subject to federal rules and oversight.”

We can all see that the liberal establishment is using the recent tragedy in Connecticut as a means to erode our 2nd Amendment liberties. Unfortunately, they view this shooting as an opportunity to leverage their anti-gun sentiments and impose restrictions on law-abiding Americans.

My friends, we simply cannot allow this horrific encroachment of our constitutional rights to occur.

Rather than sit back and wait for the liberals to pass anti-gun legislation, like US Senator Feinstein’s upcoming bill, we need to act now and defend our right to bear arms. After all, the Constitution clearly states that this right “shall not be infringed” for a reason. So I am now asking you to stand with me and join this effort by contacting your state representatives in both the House and Senate chambers. Please ask them to cast their vote in favor of this legislation so we can defend the 2nd Amendment against the liberals in DC.

Also, please consider helping this effort to protect our gun rights by making a financial contribution today. Every little bit will help as we prepare to battle a large liberal establishment that is about to launch an aggressive campaign against our liberties.

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